Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Download Jumpstart + Dumpper to hack networks infected WPS vulnerability

Networks, the Internet, intense need, terrible curiosity, and an urgent desire are all focal points behind the great sentence " Networks Hacking ".
When you do not have an Internet connection and you see dozens of networks around you, you get curious and jealous and you desperately want to hack one of these networks to get the Internet, but hey, the matter has become complicated and not really that easy.
In a previous topic, we discussed a comprehensive guide to hacking networks with all kinds of protections.. As for this topic, we will show you one of the Windows system tools to penetrate networks that depend on the famous WPS vulnerability.

I will not guarantee you, my friend, that many networks will be hacked with this tool. Today, the vulnerability is widely known to people and they are closing it from the settings. Of course, I do not want to disappoint you, my friend, but luck now will play the biggest role with you. Either you succeed or fail, and the matter certainly depends on Both trying and experimenting.

Tools needed to hack Network WPS Jumpstart + Dumpper .
Support packages required WinPcap .
The required operating system is Windows XP-7-8-10.
You will find all the files in one zip file.

Hack Method Network WPS
After installing the previous tools, we do:
1- Open the Dumpper tool with administrator privileges.
2- Go to the WPS page.
3- Click on the Scan box.
4- Select the desired network.
5- Click on the Jumpstart tab and wait for the hacking process to complete successfully.

Note: The process may require a longer time depending on the type of network to be penetrated and the signal strength.

File details
File name Jumpstart-Dumpper-WinPcap@Expert1net .
Update date 21/12/2021.
The size is 8 MB.

JumpStart + Dumpper Download Links

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